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Since 2012, ARTISTS UP has been listening and learning from artists of color in our region. Our activities have provided us with invaluable information, which is informing our work every day.

In addition to large networking and resource events for artists, we held focus groups so that we could hear candid feedback and ideas for change. We started with four broadly defined communities of color including: Latino-Hispanic; Asian-American, Asian and Pacific Islander; African-American, African and Black; and Native artists. Each focus group had between 8–12 artists who represented diverse creative disciplines. They met with a professional facilitator and responded to the same set of questions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of funding agencies and their processes.

Responses from the four facilitated groups were collected in a final report, Learning from Artists: Four Focus Groups Conducted for Artists Up. Three of the five most prominent issues and recommendations common to all groups defined as Areas of Action will be framing the next phase of work in 2016. Additionally, for artists and administrators interested in our experimental grant process, we are pleased to offer a report about our exploration: Learning from Grant LAB.

You may also be interested in the numerous resources that ARTISTS UP created for artists who were able to attend some of our sessions.

Many of our Peer Artist Ambassadors (artists who served as our mentors) offered their biographical information so that we can all see their creative career path, perhaps to guide or inspire our own:

Some of our Peer Artist Ambassadors offered Tools and Tips in support of other artists. Check them out: Tools & Tips and another batch: Tools & Tips 

We have some additional resources that can assist any artists working in Washington state:

  • Don’t understand words used in grant applications and calls for artists? Check out our Glossary of terms.
  • Where you live determines if you can apply for some grants or calls to artists. See our Eligibility Map to learn more about if you can apply to Artist Trust, 4Culture or Seattle’s of Arts and Culture.
  • You may also have a “Local Arts Agency” which may be able to support your work as an artist in your community. Visit our Local Arts Agencies List and Map for details.

Photo by: Hugo Ludeña

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